Types of clays and their benefits
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Types of clays and their benefits

Types of clays and their benefits! Clays are super useful in your care routine, either on the face or the hair, I showed her how to use clay to prevent and treat hair loss. The clays have several properties and several benefits such as; clean, calm, nourish, and helps to revitalize the skin. Besides everything, the clay also helps with the elimination of toxins from your skin.

What is Clay?

Clay is an earthy material, natural, which gets elasticity when it is moistened with water. Found in heights or depths, clay is extracted from deposits found in the open sky and so they are taken to the industries for their handling, processing and distribution.

The clays are selected, they go through processes for microbiological culture analysis, for verification and removal of fungi and bacteria that may have in them. The clays which are designed for cosmetic purposes are taken to a series of security measures.

What are the kinds of clays and their benefits?

The clay has innumerable benefits such as; the purification of the skin, healing, effectiveness in the treatment, and combats the oiliness.

The different colors of the clay have different benefits, each one has in its composition different properties. That’s why the results that clays provide to the skin, will depend on which you choose, and how is your skin. And if you do not know your skin type (click here) and know what your skin type is.

Types of clays and their benefits

Green Clay

The green clay is rich in zinc and silicon has a neutral pH, has dried, emollient, antiseptic, bactericidal, analgesic, healing, astringent, and purifying action.

The green clay can also be called montmorillonite and is very good for oily skins and with acnes.

Black Clay

Black clay has a high content of silicon and aluminum in its composition, being a rare clay found at great depths. The black clay has anti-inflammatory, healing, and detoxifying action.

Black clay is indicated for all skin types, besides being a clay that contains rejuvenating components.

White Clay

The white clay has a high amount of aluminum, and this makes it the most healing of all clays. The white clay has lightening functions, besides facilitating blood circulation, promoting an antiseptic action. It helps with acne control, elimination of toxins, cellular regeneration.

White clay is also indicated for all kinds of skin, mainly the driest skins, because it is the most hydrating clay.

Yellow Clay

Yellow clay is a clay-rich in potassium and silicon, the potassium is an agent that serves to form the base of collagen for our skin. The yellow clay has purifying, hydrating, tensor and astringent action, besides it activates blood circulation and combats cutaneous ageing.

Red Clay

The red clay is rich in copper oxide and sodium, has a tensor property, manages to regulate blood and vascular flows, leaving your skin smoother, restoring skin elasticity, smoothing wrinkles, and expression lines.

Purple Clay

Purple clay is rich in magnesium, with high skin hydration power, purple clay will help with collagen maintenance.

Pink Clay

Pink clay is the mixture between red and white clay, possessing both benefits, and being very moisturizing and calming.

I hope today’s post has helped you! Use the clays and see the wonder it can do on your skin.

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