How to wash hair correctly
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How to wash hair correctly

How to wash hair correctly! Washing your hair correctly is the first step to keep your hair healthier, and not to have the best products if you eat mistakes that can damage your hair.

Mistakes when washing your hair are quite common, so I’ve separated some tips that will help you when washing your hair and make them healthier and ready for the day by day.

Right shampoo

Never apply the shampoo directly to your scalp, the ideal is that you dilute it in a pot with water and then apply it to your scalp. One of the most common mistakes is to use the shampoo on the length of the threads, DO NOT DO THIS, because it will dry your hair, even more, apply only at the root, and during the rinse, the shampoo will drain and wash the length of the threads in a much less aggressive way.

Rub the scalp

Avoid rubbing your scalp too hard, especially if you have large nails, because this practice can hurt your scalp, and generate several types of problems such as; increased sebum/oiliness, inflammation, dandruff, among others.

Wash your hair correctly making a circular and delicate movement with your fingertips, for a few minutes. This will stimulate the blood flow, besides ensuring excellent cleanliness.

Product residues

Leaving residues of products on your hair does no good for the health of your scalp, this practice can harm and very much the health of both your scalp, causing allergies and scales. Always rinse your threads well, do not leave residues of shampoo, masks or conditioner.

Other tips

How to wash hair correctly

I’ll leave here some more tips to make your threads healthier. During the washing of the threads, pass at least twice the shampoo, this helps to intensify the cleaning of the hair.

Wash your hair in cold water whenever you can, this will make your hair more hydrated (because hot water dries up) beside your hair will be shinier. Avoid washing your hair every day, as this will destroy the protective layer of your scalp needs and may cause seborrheic dermatitis and itching.

Do not rub your hair with the towel or twist your hair to remove excess water. Both practices can break and damage your hair. Be careful when combing your hair during the bath, because wet hair tends to get more elastic, and more vulnerable to breakage, and depending on the comb you are going to use, the chances of breaking are much higher. If you are going to comb in the bath, use a conditioner or a treatment cream and comb with your fingers.

Always sleep with your hair dry, avoid washing your hair and lie down to sleep, because this will leave your hair lifeless, opaque, and can cause fungus and bacteria on your scalp.

I hope you enjoyed the post! If you want tips on how to avoid hair loss, here on the blog you have a special post about hair loss and natural treatments.

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