How to lose weight with physical activities
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How to lose weight with physical activities

How to lose weight with physical activities, practicing light exercise.

Practice physical exercises, even for a short time during your day, here on the blog there are yoga tips and how it can help you with several benefits, besides being a light exercise, which does not take up so much time of your day and can be done at home.

Light races

Running is a great way to start practicing exercises, in a light way, without too much strength to your body and still manage to lose a few kilos. You don’t need to run long distances, go calmly and with the time you will increase.


If you want to start lighter still, the race is more recommended for weight loss, but that doesn’t mean you won’t lose weight with hiking.

Just like running, take it lightly, start with a small distance.

How to lose weight with physical activities


Practicing sports is an excellent option for those who want to lose weight and at the same time develop new skills. Look for something you always wanted to learn how to do, and go! Don’t feel you should have started in the sport early, because there is no age to start something new.

Light Weightlifting

As we are talking about losing weight, and also the activity being light, weight training is for that. You will start with very simple and light practices and that little by little with your development they will increase.

If you want to lose weight and gain definition, weight training is perfect for you.


Yes, all the activities listed above are great for weight loss, but they need to be aligned with a healthy diet.

Talk to your nutritionist, find the best diet for you and a diet that will bring you the quality of life, it’s no use to stop eating and get a bad immune system and live sick, right?

Also, always look for a professional in the education area, because she will be able to accompany you and create an exercise routine capable of reaching your goal in a certain period of time, respecting your limits and your body capacity.


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