Beauty Tricks: Learn 5 beauty tricks
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Beauty Tricks: Learn 5 beauty tricks

Discover 6 beauty tricks that you can have, at a low cost and that, will make you more beautiful, more careful, and with the self-esteem up there.

Every woman needs to know these tricks, they are super necessary tricks that will leave you beautiful from head to toe, and the best is that they are tips with products that you already have in your home.

Beauty tricks spending little

Ice before make-up

The ice will work on your skin like a primer, so the idea is to use it before making up. It will close your pores. For this trick, you will only need a few stones of ice, a bowl, and water, or a cloth.

You can add the ice to the bowl with water and dip your face for a few seconds, or you can put the ice on a cloth and press gently on your face.

Cornmeal with honey

Cornmeal with honey will help in whitening dark areas of your body, you can use in the armpits, groin, knees and elbows. The recipe is very simple.

Mix 2 tablespoons of cornflour, and 2 tablespoons of honey. After leaving it homogeneous, spread it over the place you want to lighten, massage for 3 minutes, and remove with water.

Strengthen the nails

Olive oil is a great alignment to our beauty and it is wonderful for our nails.

Put some olive oil on cotton, and press on your nails (do it before you sleep so you can sleep with the olive oil on your nails) use this tip at least 3 times a week.

Beauty Tricks: Learn 5 beauty tricks

Exfoliate with sugar

Exfoliating the body every 15 days is essential for the skin, and you don’t need to invest in expensive products to exfoliate your body. Use the sugar you have at home! Exfoliation will remove dead cells from your skin and leave it hydrated.

Mix 1 cup of sugar, with some vegetable oil (olive oil or coconut oil).


Vaseline will help your skin to become very hydrated, especially your feet.

Before going to sleep, apply a little Vaseline on your feet, make a massage (you deserve it), put on a stocking, and let it act all night long, the next day you will notice that your feet are soft and with an incredible touch.

I hope you enjoyed today’s beauty tricks, and don’t forget to check the other beauty tricks with natural products you have here on the blog.

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